South African Skits

This place is to watch the most funniest and interesting short comedy skits from South-Africa.


Funny And Hilarious Afrikaan Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this short and funny Afrikaner video. Laugh and be happy as you watch this comedy


Watch Afrikaan Comedy Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this awesome and very funny Afrikaner video. Have fun and be happy.


Hilarious Mzansi Funny Clip | Just Cousins

by ComicStar

Trouble in the house, this south african guy in this comedy video wanted to go to his new job until he saw someone who his girlfriend said was a cousin. Things changed fast


South Africa Funny Video | Seeing Your Ex

by superhuman

When your ex sees you with another girl and gets jealous and also wants to confront you and fight with the new girl helping out.


Watch Hilarious South African Comedy Videos | Why Most Pitori Guys Hide Their Girlfriend

by superhuman

This South African comedy is funny and hilarious. One of the reasons pitori guys hide their girlfriend is because the streets know more about her than him.


Mzansi Short Comedy Skits

by superhuman

Myth buster, enjoy this mzansi comedy skit and have fun. Laugh hatd and be happy as you enjoy this short video.


Watch Afrikaan Girl Comedy | Afrikaans Reading

by superhuman

South African Afrkaan comedy video. When they say she should read but she can not.


Watch White South African Comedy Videos

by superhuman

Different slangs in South Africa. Enjoy the different slangs in action among white people.


Watch South African Comedy Latest | Americans Vs South Africans

by superhuman

South Africans versus Americans when playing games. Enkoy this short comedy video.