South African Skits

This place is to watch the most funniest and interesting short comedy skits from South-Africa.


South African Comedy Clip || South African Airport Security

by superhuman

South African airport securities when they prefer to to take your laptop than your gun. Very Hilarious comedy.


Watch The Latest Nathan Molefe Comedy Videos

by superhuman

This is so true. A funny video by Nathan Molefe. How white and blacks people react when they hear that someone has passed away. Guess the most dramatic one


Watch South African Funny Clips

by ComicStar

Just like in the military, these south African kids in school are enjoying themselves doing this extreme sport,. Enjoy this video with families and friends.


Wach Tsoanieskits Videos: When You Forgot That You Set A Reminder

by ComicStar

The moment Moses forgot that he set a reminder on the tv for a song where semi nude women are shaking their ass. His mother got him point blank.


Mzansi Comedy Videos | When She Came After You Whistled

by superhuman

There are some guys who act like they can woo a girl then they forget their punch lines and start acting weird, this funny video from south Africa is a prime example of event like that.


Watch Mzansi Comedy In Mp4 | Young Siblings Drama

by superhuman

If you have a young sibling, with this mzansi comedy, you will relate Young siblings can be dramatic, they always want to pick your brains and just make fun which can be annoying sometimes.


Mzansi Best Comedy | Only Wives Can Relate

by superhuman

This funny video, this south african lady said only wives can relate, i cant relate,someone explain to me.


Watch Mdm Sketch Comedy Latest | How To Get Away With Cheating

by ComicStar

Mdm sketch comedy in this funny video teaches guys how to get away with cheating, how true is this guide, this can land you in trouble with some very smart girls.


Watch Mdm Sketch Comedy | Girlfriends Are Detectives

by ComicStar

When your girlfriend shit test you to get out some information about you love for her, anytime you try to answer the question, she accuses you of not loving her.