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When Your Goons Are Not Loyal

by ComicStar

In this Nigeria funny video, a guy saw his girlfriend with a guy and decided to call his friend to come help him beat up the guy, unknown to him, his friends are loyal to his girlfriend new guy, watch what happened next. Enjoy Nigeria funny videos...


Heavy Weight Champion

by superhuman

Watch this funny video...heavy weight champion, laugh hard and have fun


Tiwana Savage

by superhuman

When a group of young upcomign nigerian musicians decides to write and make a video of a song called tiwana savage, knows that it is going to be funny.


Angry Cow Attacked Man In Nigeria

by superhuman

This funny nigerian video clip shows a angry and strong cow attacking a man who wanted to subdue it.


Two White Rams In A Fight For Supremacy

by superhuman

This funny nigerian video clip shows 2 white ram fighting for supremacy in a fierce battle.


Heart Broken Ghanaian Guy In Pain

by superhuman

This guy called mr kofi was heartbroken by a girl, now he throw her things off the house.funny video clips in ghana,ghana funny video clips download


Naija trending comedy videos | When Challenge Goes Wrong

by superhuman

In this nigeria video clips, bottle water went missing during a water bottle challenge. Watch this short and funny Nigerian comedy videos and have fun here on


When Your Ex Girlfriend Comes To Ask You For 500k

by ComicStar

In this funny clip, a girl went with her boyfriend to see her ex girlfriend so that they can borrow some money, he asked her for sex before he can give her the money, she accepted.


Funny Nigerian Short Comedy Clips || When You Fall In Love With The Wrong Girl

by ComicStar

When a Nigerian guy falls in love with a wrong girl in America. In this funny video, guy caught his date on phone bad washing him. Check out his reaction.