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A Very Big Snake In South Africa

by superhuman

This snake is very big and it lays by the side of the road, the driver even though, he is inside his car is scared of the snake.south africa funny videos facebook


When You Claim To Be A Rasta Man

by superhuman

When you claim to be a rasta and a real rasta arrives at the scene, what are you going to do, watch and dowload this funny south africa south african comedy


Cup Cake

by superhuman

only in south africa funny videos, Funny south african video, every object changes in to a cake. funny videos in south africa download,funny videos in south africa 2019


Funny Videos South Africa 2020 | How Christians Gossips

by ComicStar

This funny video from South Africa explains how Christians in south Africa gossip. Watch and enjoy this funny video.


Pretending To Record A Video For Fans In Front Of The Family

by superhuman

Pretending to be recording a video for your fans as an influencer in front of your family in this funny video


South African Funny Videos Free Download | Using Bolt Taxi In South Africa

by superhuman

If you are a bolt user in south africa, you will relate. Watch funny south african videos and download them in mp4 here on


South Africa Funny Video Hd | Watch Best Slang Words In South Africa

by superhuman

This south african guy in this funny video goes round the mall to ask random people their best slangs.


Watch Mzansi Comedy Clips | What People Think, When I Tell Them That I Am From South Africa

by superhuman

Funny how ignorant people are about South Africa especially when you travel out. Enjoy this funny mzansi video for free and understand the hilarious way people see south africa.


Growing Up In South Africa

by ComicStar

Watch this funny south african videos from facebook about growing up in south Africa in a black family. Enjoy this short skit and be happy.