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Cheating Prank On Girlfriend

by ComicStar

Watch this prank video, a guy pranks his girlfriend, see her reaction and face. Enjoy short videos and funny comedy skits here on


Funny Prank Video On Girlfriend

by ComicStar

This guy in this video, pranked his girlfriend which eventually led to an argument because he didn't take her order.


Watch Prop Prank Videos

by ComicStar

This guy in this video plays some prop prank on his girlfriend, enjoy this hilarious prank and be happy.


Seehisface - Girlfriend Prank On Boyfriend

by superhuman

A girl pranked her boyfriend by not showing concerns about his going out with his friend to the club, he was so affected that he decided not to go out again.


Prank Videos Funny | Pranking Wife, Ex Girlfriend Edition

by ComicStar

Lol, see her face before and after the prank, guy pranks his wife in this funny e, girlfriend Edition video.


Calling Girlfriend Friend Prank

by ComicStar

Watch this funny prank videos in 2020, when calling girl friend, friend prank goes wrong.


She Peed In Her Sleep Prank

by ComicStar

Watch this funny prank video of a guy who deceived his girlfriend that she peed on herself, see her reaction and enjoy this short video here on


Boyfriend Pranks Girlfriend Video

by ComicStar

Watch this hilarious and funny pran this guy played on his girlfriend. He deceived her that he cut his long hair, she went crazy and mad.


Watch Horror Funny Lift Prank Video

by ComicStar

When the zombie appears on the lift camera you get nervous. This funny prank video on the lift made a guy panic and scared for his life in front of his girlfriend.