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KFC Drive Thru In South Africa

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Hilarious Mzansi Funny Clip | Just Cousins

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Trouble in the house, this south african guy in this comedy video wanted to go to his new job until he saw someone who his girlfriend said was a cousin. Things changed fast


Best Funny Wedding Entrance In South Africa

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Mzansi Comedy Videos | When She Came After You Whistled

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There are some guys who act like they can woo a girl then they forget their punch lines and start acting weird, this funny video from south Africa is a prime example of event like that.


If South Africans Made Cars

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South African Witness Lost All Forms Of English On Camera

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Watch Mzansi Comedy Clips | What People Think, When I Tell Them That I Am From South Africa

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Funny how ignorant people are about South Africa especially when you travel out. Enjoy this funny mzansi video for free and understand the hilarious way people see south africa.


Mzansi Best Comedy | Only Wives Can Relate

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This funny video, this south african lady said only wives can relate, i cant relate,someone explain to me.


Watch Mzansi Comedy In Mp4 | Young Siblings Drama

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If you have a young sibling, with this mzansi comedy, you will relate Young siblings can be dramatic, they always want to pick your brains and just make fun which can be annoying sometimes.