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by superhuman

Funny street prank videoclips on the streets of lagos, Nigeria, have fun and download and watch funny Nigerian comedy videos here on


Funny African Videos On Twitter | Nigerian Pranster Tells Man To Share His Problems

by ComicStar

A nigrian prankster on the streets of lagos tries to prank a man by telling him a very awkward and strange story..see what happened next.


Watch Funny Zombie Pranks Video Of 2020

by ComicStar

When the dry bones rise again. The zombie came out from nowhere to give these guys a heart attack. They wanted to escape but no where to run to, they had to accept their fate.


Seeherface - Young Guy Pranks Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A young guy pranks his girlfriend and jokingly plays with her, see her face and reaction then it went all wrong, enjoy this funny video clip here on


White Guy Pranks His Barber

by superhuman

In this funny prank video of 2020, a white guy pranks his barber with the sound of a clipper. Enjoy and watch this very funny clip here on


Boyfriend Pranks Girlfriend Video

by ComicStar

Watch this hilarious and funny pran this guy played on his girlfriend. He deceived her that he cut his long hair, she went crazy and mad.


Wife Pranks Husband For 5000 Dollars

by superhuman

Watch this funny american prank video of a wife that pranks her husband for 5000 dollars.


Prank Videos In Nigeria | Money Ritual Prank In Abuja

by superhuman

A Nigerian prankster in this funny video clips pranks a security man in Abuja, he ran for his life. Enjoy this short video here on


Girlfriend Pranks Boyfriend And He Failed

by ComicStar

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