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Calling the Police Go Wrong

by ComicStar

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When You Serve Your Parent

by superhuman

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Watch Funny Video: Most successful companies in 2020

by ComicStar

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Ostrich Chases 2 cyclist On The Highway

by superhuman

A very big ostrich chased 2 cyclists on the highway


The Most Funniest Robbery In The World

by ComicStar

This must be the most funniest robbery in the world, watch how these 2 thieves took on another robber and left the shop owner in shock.


Eagle Almost Snatched A Little Baby

by superhuman

A big eagle almost snatches a little baby from his parent


Russia Bomb Proof Suit

by ComicStar

This Russian woman walked out from a bomb blast with no injury wearing a bomb proof suit


Japanese Man In Trouble, Lady Calls For Help

by superhuman

Japanese man was in trouble...his lady called for help from from,God, God wants to grant her one wish, watch what she says


When Your Coach Is Over You

by superhuman

Download this funny skit, when your coach is over you for losing the game