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Calling Girlfriend Friend Prank

by ComicStar

Watch this funny prank videos in 2020, when calling girl friend, friend prank goes wrong.


Watch Undercover Cop Prank Video

by superhuman

Enjoy this funny prank video of an undercover cop in the hood in america. See what happened, laugh hard.


Funny Videos In The Hood | Different Types Of Hair Clients

by ComicStar

This very funny, this different types of hair Clients in the salon shop at the hood.from the information sharer to the woman with dirty hair.


Funny Videos From The Hood | How Black People Get The Mail When It Is Snowing

by ComicStar

It seems black people hate snows, in this funny video clip, a black guy is seen using a stick to drag the mail box inside the house because he doesn't want to go into the snow.


Watch Prop Prank Videos

by ComicStar

This guy in this video plays some prop prank on his girlfriend, enjoy this hilarious prank and be happy.


Guy Played A Prank On His Step Father

by superhuman

Guy played a prank on his step father making him run for his life.


Whose Kids Is This?

by superhuman

Watch this funny prank video in a mall, laugh hard and be happy, life is too short to be depressed.


Prank Gone Wrong Again

by superhuman

Watch funny short pranks videos and hilarious comedy skits here on for your entertainment and fun.


Kidnapping Prank Video

by superhuman

In this very expensive funny prank video, A man stands by a car waiting patiently, another man drops a big bag and told him to help him keep it, police came with a warrant to search the bag and inside the bag was a child. Watch the panic and call...