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Crazy Jamaican Jumped On Top Of A Women All Because Of Dance Hall

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Customers In A Jamaican Shop

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Asking Your Jamaican Grandma Something

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Watch funny jamaican comedy video....Pinky why yuh ah shot di man dem


Watch Funny Jamaican Short Videos | Soldiers In Jamaica After Lockdown

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Jamaican soldiers in this funny video are out of the baracks after spending all days hidden in the baracks because of covid 19.


I Got Catfished

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When a boy got catfished on social funny jamaican videos


Jamaican Parents

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When Taking A Nap Goes Wrong

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When Taken a nap before work goes wrong..funny jamaican comedy skit


Watch Funny Jamaican Videos Facebook | How Girls Break Up With You

by ComicStar

Andrew Trabass explains to us in this funny comedy video how girls break up with men.