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Tiger Man Swims With His Tigers In His Pool

by superhuman

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When A Snail Is Eating

by superhuman

When a snail is eating, funny animal video that will make you laugh hard


Man Saved Antelope From Big Snake

by superhuman

This very funny animal video shows a man using a branch of a tree to save an antelope that was almost strangled by a very big snake


Little Girls Fights With Puppy Trying To Pull Her Shoes

by superhuman

Little girls fight with puppy trying to pull her shoes


Honey Badgers Stands Up To Lion

by superhuman

Watch animal videos in the jungle and safaris in africa for your entertainment here on, have fun and be happy.


Funny Animal Video | How Did The Table Turned

by ComicStar

It is interesting how the table turned, a Leopard in this funny video clip was pursuing after a wild pig then the table turned.


Godzilla Seen Underwater

by superhuman

Watch amazing underwater animal videos for your entertainment here on, have fun and be happy.


The Moment A Man Met A Leopard

by superhuman

Watch and download this funny leopard video here on, the moment of life and death for a human.


Coward Dog Scared Of Cock

by superhuman

Watch this funny animal video, a coward dog is scared of a cock..very funny and hilarious video.