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Car Hits Man On Bike

by superhuman

Video clip shows a car as it hit a man on bike who didn't know the car was fast approaching.


Nigerian Short Movie Clip | Fear Woman

by ComicStar

Watch this Nigerian short comedy movie and enjoy yourself. In this clip, a man is told to shot his newly wedded wife. Check to see what happened.


Man Falls Off From Stage With Chubby Girl On His Lap

by superhuman

This funny african video clip shows the moment a chubby woman jumps on a man on stage, he couldn't lift her, he staggers and fall with her off the stage.


Watch Funny African Gym Video (Fail)

by ComicStar

This African guy in this gym almost fly over when doing some exercise. This is very hilarious video clip to watch today.


Ram Pretends To Be Death To Avoid Being Killed For Sallah

by superhuman

This funny african video clip show a ram pretending to be death so that it will not be killed for sallah.


Sam Loco Speaks Big English

by superhuman

Watch sam loco in this funny nigeria video clip speaking very big english grammer.


Sallah Face Time With Chinese Girl

by superhuman

This Funny nigerian video clip show a nigerian guy called masterlee facetiming a chinese girl.


Nigerian Delivery Man Going To Deliver Ram

by superhuman

This funny african video clip shows a nigerian delivery man going to deliver ram to a customer who ordered it.


Watch Funny Nigerian Clip Here

by ComicStar

In this funny clip, a Nigerian thief unknowingly robbed a car with military personnels in it. He knew he was in trouble the moment he saw the khaki green uniform.