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Man Flies With A Flying Suit

by superhuman

This white guy invented this flying suit and test it on himself, this video is awesome, movie fiction turned into reality.


Russia Bomb Proof Suit

by ComicStar

This Russian woman walked out from a bomb blast with no injury wearing a bomb proof suit


Watch Funny American Video | The Last Time Flying

by superhuman

The last time you flew on an airplane and the air hostess gives you the shock of your life that you almost rethink if you will land safely.


How To Fly In The Mall

by superhuman

Please, don't try this at home. Enjoy this funny and amazing video of a guy floating and flying in the mall.


Flying Nigerian Pastor

by ComicStar

Watch funny online African video clips here on, laugh hard and be happy.


Flying McDouble

by superhuman

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African Gangsta Got Beaten Up By A Gentle Dude

by ComicStar

This African coward gangsta got beaten up by a gentle and easy going guy on suit.


Meeting New People Be Like

by ComicStar

Meeting new people be like, a funny nigerian comedy for your entertainment and fun. Watch this very short skit here on


See Person Wey Won Connect Me

by superhuman

Watch funny Nigerian comedian on YouTube here on, have fun and be happy.