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Employee Be Like

by superhuman

employee are like this always....


2 Black Americans Boys Fights in School

by superhuman

2 black american guys fights in school....funny fight video in 2020


Dude Beats Up Guy Without Pity

by superhuman

White dude beats up guy without pity


Crazy Black Woman Destroys Boyfriend's Car In Rage

by ComicStar

This crazy black woman in this video destroys her boyfriend's bmw car and still has the mind to call him babe


2 Black American Girls Fights In School

by superhuman

2 black american girls fights in their school in this funny fight video


Watch Funny Couples Challenge Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this couple challenge video, where questions are asked and answers are given by putting your face in water.


Watch Jumping Challenge Videos

by ComicStar

Addictive funny jump challenge video for you to enjoy and catch fun. One of the most interesting jumping Challenge in the sport hall.


Street Fighting Scene

by superhuman

Different street fighting on the street...all in the same place by different people.


Accent Challenge

by superhuman

Watch this funny accent Challenge video of a couple one from the United kingdom and the other from The United States, very interesting differences with the way British pronounce words and how Americans do.