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Watch Bike New Video For You

by superhuman

Enjoy this short video. If you like bikes, you will like this video of this guy riding his bike on water


Awesome Dog Video | Dog Attacks Man For Fighting With His Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A dog in this video, attack a man for pushing and physically assaulting his girlfriend. He pounced on him and gave him a deadly bite. Any3, this is just a training video.


Car Hits Man On Bike

by superhuman

Video clip shows a car as it hit a man on bike who didn't know the car was fast approaching.


2 Black Americans Boys Fights in School

by superhuman

2 black american guys fights in school....funny fight video in 2020


Crazy Black Woman Destroys Boyfriend's Car In Rage

by ComicStar

This crazy black woman in this video destroys her boyfriend's bmw car and still has the mind to call him babe


Employee Be Like

by superhuman

employee are like this always....


Father Saved Standing Mirror From Falling

by superhuman

Watch this funny video of 2020 and 2019 and download it, have fun and be happy.


Watch Funny Gym Guy Video For Fun

by superhuman

The gym life can be difficult and rigorous as you can see in this video. Lot of excercises to do and lot of hard and heavy weight to lift. Enjoy yourself while you watch this short video.


Watch Undercover Cop Prank Video

by superhuman

Enjoy this funny prank video of an undercover cop in the hood in america. See what happened, laugh hard.