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Seehisface - Awesome Skills To Watch

by superhuman

See his reaction when watching awesome skills on his phone. Enjoy this short and interesting video here on


Awesome Dog Video | Dog Attacks Man For Fighting With His Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A dog in this video, attack a man for pushing and physically assaulting his girlfriend. He pounced on him and gave him a deadly bite. Any3, this is just a training video.


This Black Guy Flip Skills Is Awesome

by superhuman

This black guy flip skill is awesome...


Funny videos viral | A cool BMW

by ComicStar

This bmw is so cool, very useful car in the country, the design is great and the engine awesome, get one today


Man Flies With A Flying Suit

by superhuman

This white guy invented this flying suit and test it on himself, this video is awesome, movie fiction turned into reality.


Watch This And Awesome Mannequin Prank Video

by superhuman

The funniest moment when Mannequins pranked unsuspecting people on the street and at the doorstep of a mall.


Watch Afrikaan Comedy Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this awesome and very funny Afrikaner video. Have fun and be happy.


Watch Awkward Phone Conversation And People Reactions

by superhuman

This is very funny, this guy in this video pranks people by engaging in a fake and awkward conversations. See how people reacted.


Word Play Challenge

by superhuman

This Nigerian instagram comedian word play is awesome. Watch and enjoy this nigeria hilarious jokes video clips for your entertainment here on