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Bone Crusher

by superhuman

Watch a very big african crocodile eat and crush an animal head here on, this is for your entertainment.


Watch Amazing Compilation Videos

by superhuman

Enjoy this amazing and interesting Compilation videos that will make you happy and not bored.


Man Sits On Crocodile While Riding His Bike

by ComicStar

An Indian man sits on a very big crocodile as he ride his back home, watch this short and funny video clip here on


How To Fly In The Mall

by superhuman

Please, don't try this at home. Enjoy this funny and amazing video of a guy floating and flying in the mall.


Turtle Escapes From Crocodile Mouth

by superhuman

Watch this short funny video of a turtle spilling from the mouth of a Crocodile


Sculpture Created By Saw Mill

by superhuman

Watch this amazing chinese art video of an artist using a saw mill to craft a sculpture.


The Amazing Ghanaian Host

by ComicStar

A Ghanaian red and blue carpet host uses the keyword amazing to address and compliment his guests in different red carpet show, this word might be the only word he knows in the dictionary, he was consistent all through with the same compliments ...


Wife Pranks Husband For 5000 Dollars

by superhuman

Watch this funny american prank video of a wife that pranks her husband for 5000 dollars.


The Crocodile Was Late

by superhuman

Watch african safari animals videos for your entertainment here on, have fun and be happy.