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Nigeria Comedy Clip | Dreamland

by ComicStar

In this funny clip, this Nigerian man fell in lpve with a girl and tries to flirt and woo her, maybe, it was love at first sight, but it was just an imagination which ended badly.


Watch Funny Nigerian Clip Here

by ComicStar

In this funny clip, a Nigerian thief unknowingly robbed a car with military personnels in it. He knew he was in trouble the moment he saw the khaki green uniform.


Watch Nigerian Comedy Clip | When You Thought You Have Found The One

by ComicStar

In this clip, a man and a woman are on a date which eventually crumbled because of the man table manners and etiquettes.


Nigeria Short Comedy Clip | When She Says Lets Talk In Your Room

by superhuman

In this short comedy clip, a Nigerian girl told a guy that she wants to talk to him privately in his room, he was so happy to hear that until something happened.


Funny Nigerian Comedy Clip | Wahala Too Much

by superhuman

In this funny clip, a Nigerian girl went to the pharmacy to get postinor 2 but unfortunately for her, she was caught by her mum.


A Funny Video Clip | Girl Hits Boyfriend After He Pours Water On The Floor While She Was Cleaning

by superhuman

A guy got hit on the face with a mop in the funny clip video by his girlfriend because he poured water on the floor while she was cleaning.


Nigerian Funny Clip | When You Don't Like To Support Your Friends

by superhuman

The man in this Nigeria video in pidgin English complains about people who hate to support their friends that sells things


Watch Nigerian Funny Video Clip Of Ada

by superhuman

Enjoy this funny nigeria comedy skit and clip of ada the ghost who came back to the land of the living for revenge.


Virtual Appointment With The Gynecologist Goes Wrong

by ComicStar

In this funny video clip, a guy caught his girlfriend taking a video of her virginal during the Coronavirus Lockdown,he was angry and an argument began, her explanation was that she is doing a virtual Gynecology appointment.