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Awesome Dog Video | Dog Attacks Man For Fighting With His Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A dog in this video, attack a man for pushing and physically assaulting his girlfriend. He pounced on him and gave him a deadly bite. Any3, this is just a training video.


Football Training 101

by superhuman

Watch this funny african football training video in mp4 here on, have fun and be happy.


Soldiers Training And Hazing In South Africa

by superhuman

funny video of south african soldier training and hazing


Sharp Training In the United States Military

by ComicStar

Watch Yusha Thomas funny comedy skits about sharp training in the US military. Laugh hard and be happy as we bring to you funny short videos and comedy skits to make you happy.


Desi Banks Skit: When your girl friend friend has no home training

by ComicStar

Watch desi banks skit, when your girl friend friend has no home training. Watch desi banks very funny comedy skits now on


Basic Training Week Through The Years

by superhuman

Basic Military Training week through the years...funny military comedy skit by yusha thomas


Watch Jamaican Comedy Clips Online

by ComicStar

Jamaican maid jokes when training white kids, if time is not taken, the white kid starts speaking like a jamaican.


Dance Training

by ComicStar

Watch funny african videos here on Laugh hard and be happy, also follow our Instagram page(@poiunttv), dm us your funny short videos, comedy skits and memes.


Watch Bike New Video For You

by superhuman

Enjoy this short video. If you like bikes, you will like this video of this guy riding his bike on water