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How Xhosa Teens Mock Each Other - Part 2

by superhuman

The Part 2 of how xhosa teens mock each other....funny south african skit by xhosanostra


How Xhosa Teens Mock Each Other - Part 1

by superhuman

Watch how xhosa teens in south africa mock each other..a funny south african skit by xhosanostra


When Xhosa Bullies Are Called Up For Presentations

by superhuman

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UG TOONS: Takpo the house boy

by ComicStar

Watch this funny ug toons animation comedy skit. Takpo the house boy. Poiunt gives you the best funny and hilarious animation skits. Watch all our short funny videos and comedy skits on


Cute Dog Watching Football Match And Celebrate When Pirlo Scored A Goal

by superhuman

Watch this funny video...This cute dog is watching football, when pirlo scored, it celebrated


When You Don't Have A Place To Smash A Girl

by superhuman

Watch this south african funny comedy skit by Xhosanostra....



How Xhosa Boys Behave

by superhuman

How Xhosa boys behave when they see someone with a chiskop inqayi..a funny south african comedy video by xhosanostra skits


Xhosa Girls Will Embarrass You

by superhuman

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Meet Up Gone Wrong

by ComicStar

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