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Know Your Place In A Relationship

by superhuman

Know your place in a relationship and don't feel bad about it...a funny nigerian comedy skit by van josh


Nasty Blaq Skit - When They Cut Your Hair So Good

by ComicStar

Watch funny nasty blaq comedy skits here on Laugh hard and be happy, also follow our Instagram page(@poiunttv), dm us your funny short videos, comedy skits and memes


funny videos 2020 | He wanted the biggest fish in the sea

by ComicStar

Watch how this young man threw his hook, this man throw a long throw but ended up falling into the sea. Unbelievable



Fix Your Face

by ComicStar

Poor Cousin was told to fix his face for a video shot.


Watch funny videos for kids 2020 | This little boy knows how to tap dance

by admin1

This little boy should be given the best tap dancer of the year. He did the dance well while in church.


Watch funny videos granny | The baker and the dough

by admin1

Everything went wrong the moment she touched the dough. see her face the moment it went all wrong.



Little Boy Is Scared Of Little Frog

by ComicStar

This little boy almost cried his eyes out because of a little frog.


Man Mistakenly Hit A Girl Breast, Listen To Their Conversation

by superhuman

A man mistakenly hit a girl breast,listen to what they say


Ghanaian Man Says He Uses His Eye To Do Sex

by superhuman

Ghanaian man says he uses his eyes to do this funny ghanaian funny video that is brought to you by rakghana