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Videos by superhuman


Nigeria Funny Comedy | Something Fishy

by superhuman

Enjoy this short funny Nigerian comedy video, something fishy is going down. When your protector is also an abuser.


Nigeria Funny Comedy Video | The Wicked Maths Teacher

by superhuman

Watch this funny comedy skits by a funny Nigerian boy. The wicked maths teacher got repaid.


Funny Sydney Iwundu Skit | Nothing Is Free In Lagos

by superhuman

Watch this funny comedy skit by Sydney Iwundu. Nothing is free in lagos, have fun and be happy.


Funny Nigerian Comedy Clip | Wahala Too Much

by superhuman

In this funny clip, a Nigerian girl went to the pharmacy to get postinor 2 but unfortunately for her, she was caught by her mum.


Nigerian Funny Clip | When You Don't Like To Support Your Friends

by superhuman

The man in this Nigeria video in pidgin English complains about people who hate to support their friends that sells things


Funny Video | Worst Grandson

by superhuman

Watch this funny video. Am i a good grandson or not. Relax, Enjoy and have fun.


Funny Edo Comedy | Police In Edo State Do Something

by superhuman

Enjoy this very funny edo comedy skit, when you are in trouble and you run to the police but he can't do anything because he is helpless.


Watch This And Awesome Mannequin Prank Video

by superhuman

The funniest moment when Mannequins pranked unsuspecting people on the street and at the doorstep of a mall.


Nigerian Comedy Skit | The Debtor

by superhuman

When debtors come to ask for money because they saw that you have just received an alert on your phone. Enjoy this funny Nigeria clip.