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Watch funny videos granny | The baker and the dough

by admin1

Everything went wrong the moment she touched the dough. see her face the moment it went all wrong.


Watch funny videos for kids 2020 | This little boy knows how to tap dance

by admin1

This little boy should be given the best tap dancer of the year. He did the dance well while in church.


Watch funny videos for students | Gassing your throat with helium

by admin1

Do not try it again,see what helium can do to your throat. it can change your voice and make you have deep voice or make you have a cartoon like voice


Watch A Funny Video And Download | Man Got Bored On Date When His Date Where On Phone

by admin1

He got bored when the ladies were on their phone, see their reactions when he called them out.


Watch Funny Videos For Kids | The dumbest man in the World

by admin1

See how this dumb man nearly killed his mother while practicing something new he learnt on youtube. His mother was so angry with him and caused him out.


Funny Videos Download | Game went wrong

by admin1

When your hands are just too perfect and precise for a long shot that you sent someone down to the floor with your powerful handshot.


Ghenghenjokes | Too Much Wahala

by admin1

Watch a guy complain of too much wahala in 2020 in ghenghenjokes, very funny to watch.