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Funny And Hilarious Afrikaan Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this short and funny Afrikaner video. Laugh and be happy as you watch this comedy


Watch Afrikaan Comedy Video

by ComicStar

Enjoy this awesome and very funny Afrikaner video. Have fun and be happy.


Nigerian Comedy Skit | The Fight Separator

by ComicStar

An old man saw 2 girls fighting in the street and decided to help seperate them. Watch what happened next.


Funny Prank Video On Girlfriend

by ComicStar

This guy in this video, pranked his girlfriend which eventually led to an argument because he didn't take her order.


Funny Prank Video On Mum

by ComicStar

Young guy played a very nice prank on his mum, watch till the end and see his mum reaction.


Funny Video Skit Lord Lamba | Some Siblings Are Possessed

by ComicStar

Some siblings are really processed, lord lamba twin brother decided to spoil his runs because he knows his brother is a great liar.


Awesome Dog Video | Dog Attacks Man For Fighting With His Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A dog in this video, attack a man for pushing and physically assaulting his girlfriend. He pounced on him and gave him a deadly bite. Any3, this is just a training video.


Watch Ghen Ghen Jokes | Change

by ComicStar

Ghen Ghen jokes, change, kojo . Enjoy this short and funny Nigerian animation video


Nigerian Short Movie Clip | Fear Woman

by ComicStar

Watch this Nigerian short comedy movie and enjoy yourself. In this clip, a man is told to shot his newly wedded wife. Check to see what happened.