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Have a good time as you watch funny and short comedy skits from Kenya here.


Watch Swahili Comedy Videos Here

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This short comedy videos from Kenyan is in Swahili language. Only those who understand and speak the language will relate with this very funny comedy skit.


Watch Funny Kenyan Comedy In Swahili

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Enjoy this very short Kenyan comedy video on Swahili language. The translator in this video is hilarious.


Kenyan Swahili Comedy Video

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Enjoy Kenyan comedy videos in Swahili language. When you can't do nothing even though he is with your girlfriend.


Watch Funny Swahili Comedy From Kenyan

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Enjoy this funny Kenyan comedy skits videos in Swahili language. Have fun and be happy.


Watch Oga Obinna Comedy Video | You Hate Me

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Oga Obinna girlfriend wants to break up with him, don't want anything to do with him but then she got into some trouble then remembered that he is her babe.


Primary School Kid In Kenya After Quarantine

by superhuman

After the lockdown and quarantine is over in Kenya, this kid can't answer a single question directly when he returned to school.


When You Thought Aunty Could Save You

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That moment when you thought your aunty will save you. Enjoy funny kenyan videos on instagram here on, have fun and be happy.


Kenyan Guy Pranks His Female Friend

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This kenyan guy pranked his female friend, watch this funny kenyan prank video and funny kenyan videos of 2020 here on


How To Drive Your Girlfriend Out Of The House

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Watch this funny kenyan videos and learn ways to send your girlfriend out of the house especially when you are tired of seeing her always.