Ghana Skits

Watch our list of the funniest short comedy skits from Ghana.


Watch Comedian Waris New Comedy Video | iPhone Wahala

by ComicStar

Comedian Waris promised a girl an iphone which he fulfilled, she called to collect her phone and the biggest surprise happened to him, she came with her crew.


Ghana Short Funny Videos | Pregnancy Prank

by ComicStar

Never play tell a Ghanaian man that you are pregnant. This girl in this funny video told her boyfriend she was pregnant, he ran away.


Short Funny Ghanaian Videos | The Power Of A Woman

by ComicStar

Enjoy this very short and funny Ghanaian comedy video, the power of a woman. When a lady manipulate a man to buy her bra and pant even though she is not busy doing anything.


Funny Ghanaian Videos Of 2020 | Afraid Of Height

by ComicStar

This funny Ghanaian video is just silly. When he is afraid of heights even when the fence is very small.


Watch Funny Ghanaian Comedy Clips | Angry That Jesus Was Abused On Tv

by ComicStar

Ghanaian man resting in a hotel in this funny video goes crazy when someone abused Jesus on Tv. He almost confronted the image on tv.


Watch Short And Funny Ghanaian Funny Clips || Say Your Wish

by superhuman

What will you wish for from God, money or Woman. Some will wish money while some woman.


Watch Ghana Comedy Videos | When Her Dad Is A SAR Officer And She Is From Benin

by ComicStar

When you ask out a Ghanaian girl that has a SAR father and also believes in voodoo.


Watch The Latest Ghanaian Comedy Video | When You Have Only One Wish

by ComicStar

This funny video is by comedian waris. When you have only one wish and you tell God to give your wish but then get jealous over what he gave another person.


Watch Ghanaian Funny Videos | One Motorcycle With Lot Of Passengers

by ComicStar

This is hilarious. The Ghanaian motorcycle rider carries lot of passengers on his bike. It is very creative and also risky.