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Watch the most funniest online video clips from outside Africa here on foreign videos.


Watch Crazy Girlfriend Drama Video

by ComicStar

Now, this is crazy, a girl in this video broke her boyfriend playstation because of lack of attention, who does that? except crazy, her behavior left him in shock.


Watch The Original Towel Prank Video

by ComicStar

A girl prevented her boyfriend from showing his dicky in this funny towel prank video.


Watch funny Latino Guy Comedy || Why Is The Clothes Not Folded?

by ComicStar

This latino guy in this funny video Complains to his girlfriend about unfolded clothes in the baskets, he tried to shame her and she gave him a strong reply which broke his heart.


Watch This Funny White Guy Video || Customer Service Be like

by ComicStar

The most ridiculous and funny customer service video ever. That customer service rep that will rather waste your time instead of helping you solve your problems.


Funny Latino Girl Video || Toxic Girls Meeting

by ComicStar

Welcome to the world of toxicity. Today we have the toxic ladies meeting, a meetup for ladies who emit toxic behaviors. Enjoy this short video


Football Best Funny Comedy Video || How Footballers Arrive In The Dressing Room

by ComicStar

This guy in this funny video mimic how different footballers from neymar to ronaldo go to the dressing room. You need to watch it, if you are a football fan.


Watch This American Comedy Prank Video

by ComicStar

Very funny and hilarious American prank video. In this video, a traffic police is trying to give a ticket to a driver who causes her out then she decided to do the unthinkable that shocked people around.


Watch Funny Gym Guy Video For Fun

by superhuman

The gym life can be difficult and rigorous as you can see in this video. Lot of excercises to do and lot of hard and heavy weight to lift. Enjoy yourself while you watch this short video.


Watch Just For Laugh Video Of 2020

by superhuman

This should be the most funniest skits ever, dead man raise from the death, when his baby mama showed up at his funeral crying.