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Watch the most funniest online video clips from outside Africa here on foreign videos.


Funny Prank Video On Girlfriend

by ComicStar

This guy in this video, pranked his girlfriend which eventually led to an argument because he didn't take her order.


Funny Prank Video On Mum

by ComicStar

Young guy played a very nice prank on his mum, watch till the end and see his mum reaction.


Awesome Dog Video | Dog Attacks Man For Fighting With His Girlfriend

by ComicStar

A dog in this video, attack a man for pushing and physically assaulting his girlfriend. He pounced on him and gave him a deadly bite. Any3, this is just a training video.


Funny Video | Worst Grandson

by superhuman

Watch this funny video. Am i a good grandson or not. Relax, Enjoy and have fun.


Hilarious Tiktok Prank Videos

by ComicStar

Watch and enjoy the Compilations of funny tiktok prank videos. Laugh hard and have fun


Funny Gym Fail Videos Compilation

by ComicStar

Watch and enjoy funny gym fail Compilation video and laugh hard at people's misery.


Watch Funny Kids Video | Kids Will be Kids

by ComicStar

Kids will be kids, enjoy this short and funny video of 2 kids supporting each other so that they can bounce on the bouncing court.


Watch This And Awesome Mannequin Prank Video

by superhuman

The funniest moment when Mannequins pranked unsuspecting people on the street and at the doorstep of a mall.


Hilarious Tiger Prank Video

by ComicStar

Watch this very interesting and funny fake tiger prank video, see how people went crazy and almost had heart attack when they heard the tiger roar.