Caribbean Skits

Let's make you laugh hard with the most funniest short comedy skits from the Caribbean.


Watch Caribbean Comedy Skits | Caribbean Parent Trying To Decorate The House

by ComicStar

Lord Jesus, look at this funny video of when Caribbean parent are decorating the house, the whole house starts to shake.


Watch Caribbean Comedy Skits | Caribbean Parents During Corona

by ComicStar

In this Caribbean funny videos. When your mum won't allow you to go out because of corona virus, she threatens you until you comply.


Watch Jamaican Comedy

by ComicStar

When you hear your jamaican neighbor cussing each other and you peep into the compound to clearly hear them.


jamaican comedy video clips | Jamaican Dj Be Like

by ComicStar

How jamaican dj be like. Enjoy this funny and short comedy video clip.


Watch Jamaican Comedy Clips Online

by ComicStar

Jamaican maid jokes when training white kids, if time is not taken, the white kid starts speaking like a jamaican.


Jamaica Latest Comedy | When Jamaican Hear Gunshot

by ComicStar

One of the latest jamaican comedy that is very funny and interesting. How jamaican behave when they hear gunshot.


Watch The Best Jamaican Comedy

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When carribeans especially jamaican behave when they hear that someone they saw recently. Enjoy this short comedy videos from jamaica.


Watch Funny Jamaican Instagram Videos | Help Me Solve This Equation

by ComicStar

Somebody help me solve this Equation, how do you drive different expensive cars and wear expensive designers cloth every week and still sleep on a mattress in your ex boyfriend uncle's house.


Watch Jamaican Funny Videos | Grand Father Is Here

by ComicStar

When grand father is here, a very hilarious and funny jamaican funny comedy skits for you to watch.