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Zimbabwean Funny Videos || Living With Your African Parents

by ComicStar

Living with your African parents especially if they are Zimbabwean can be hell of a trouble, they always want to monitor you


Watch Funny South African Comedy Clip || Names South Africans Needs To Stop Using

by superhuman

Hmm....thoughtful, is he right? Names that South Africans need to stop naming their children. How true is this?


Watch The Best Of South African Comedy Videos

by superhuman

This is amazing, enjoy the best of South African funny videos. How South Africans cross the road.


Watch Ghana Comedy Clips | Reality Of Life

by ComicStar

This is so true about life, no matter what you do, people will judge you until you are dead. Apparently judging is part of life.


Latest Funny Nigerian Videos | Love is Expensive

by superhuman

This short Nigerian man woos a girl with big ass while sitting on top of his old benz.


Watch Nigerian Comedy Videos | Annoying My Nigerian Mum

by superhuman

This Nigerian guy plays a prank on his mum by annoying and provoking her just to see her reaction.


Watch Nigerian Video Clips | When Nigerians Americanized Their Names

by superhuman

When Nigerians americanized their name to fit in when they are in America. This young girl explains how it works.


Egyptian Funny Video | Breakups In Old Egyptian Movies

by ComicStar

This funny Egyptian joke video is funny, how breakups happens in old Egyptian movies. There is a translation in English for you to understand.


Watch Nigerian Funny Jokes Videos | Anonymous Stop IT

by ComicStar

Anonymous on Twitter promised heaven and earth to gullible Nigerians who thinks he can do magic, at the end of the day he failed, this funny guy in this video complains about anonymous.