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Nigerian Short Movie Clip | Fear Woman

by ComicStar

Watch this Nigerian short comedy movie and enjoy yourself. In this clip, a man is told to shot his newly wedded wife. Check to see what happened.


Loving Up Random Girls Prank In Abuja Nigeria

by ComicStar

Watch this funny Nigeria prank video of a guy in Abuja, loving up Random girls on the street. Enjoy and have fun.


Watch Funny Bad Mouth Nigeria Street Battle Video

by superhuman

Enjoy this funny street competition of young people abusing themselves to win a price.


Watch Legwork Dance Video

by superhuman

Enjoy this unique and creative leg work dance videos, have fun and learn how to do it


Watch Sam Speedy Spin The Wheel Challenge

by ComicStar

Enjoy this funny video of sam speedy. This is a wheel challenge video that will make you laugh hard, also there is a pregnancy prank call to his mother.


Watch Funny Ghanaian Video Clips

by ComicStar

Enjoy this short word play by these Ghanaian girls enjoying themselves in front of their shop. Have fun and be happy.


Latest Nigeria Funny Comedy Video From Instagram

by ComicStar

This funny Nigerian girl abroad explains the final moment to receive her first kiss and then it went wrong.


Watch Nigerian Baby Funny Videos

by ComicStar

This crying little baby boy in this funny video starts to cry when his mother was on her phone, then she played FEM by Davido and he started laughing, guess it is his favorite music.


Watch Funny African Gym Video (Fail)

by ComicStar

This African guy in this gym almost fly over when doing some exercise. This is very hilarious video clip to watch today.