African-American Skits

Are you bored? watch funny and interesting African-American short comedy skits that will make you happy here.


Watch Funny Black American Comedy || That One Friend That Doesn't Want To Leave

by ComicStar

Most of us will relate with this funny american comedy video. Imagine having a friend that doesn't know when to leave even when you gave him clues.


Watch Funny Black Boy | When You Try To Fit Her Criteria

by ComicStar

so this guy likes a girl and he tries to fit into what she wants and she keep changing her wants and he keeps changing to what she thinks she like and still got rejected.


Funny Black Comedy Skits | When She Expect You To Be Her Glacier Boy

by ComicStar

She acts so nice and wants you to be Quavo in the migos, anyway, the term glacier boys in the funny video is a slang popularised by Quavo meaning a guy that pays for girls.


Funny Videos American Funny Videos | How Newyork Girls Holla At Guys

by ComicStar

They say newyork girls are very aggressive when showing interest in a guy. Enjoy this short video of how newyork girls holla at guys they like.


Watch Funny American Video | The Last Time Flying

by superhuman

The last time you flew on an airplane and the air hostess gives you the shock of your life that you almost rethink if you will land safely.


Watch America's Funniest Home Videos | When People Keep Calling Unnecessary Emergency Meetings

by superhuman

When people call emergency meetings so much that you can't do your task or even do anything, they get you so frustrated that you almost want to beat them up.


Funny Black Guy | The Corny Club Guy

by ComicStar

Funny African American comedy video, this funny black guy in this video, tell you how he behaves in the club.


Watch Funny Black Guy From Vine | How Long It Takes For Stars To Die In Movies

by ComicStar

This is so true, anytime, you watch a movie in Hollywood, you start to realise how long, it takes for the star actor to die. This is hilarious to watch.


Funny Black Guy Video| Things You Find In Every African American House.

by ComicStar

This is crazy, in this video, this black guy listed the things you will find in an african American home in the hood.