African-American Skits

Are you bored? watch funny and interesting African-American short comedy skits that will make you happy here.


Longbeachgriffy Funny Video Skits | When A Rapper Snitch On Himself

by ComicStar

Enjoy this short and very funny video of longbeachgriffy. That moment when a Rapper on pink top snitch on himself. What do you expect from a Rapper on wearing a pink top and a nerdy glass.


Funny Longbeach Griffy Comedy Skit | Dating Someone With An Only Fan Page

by ComicStar

How does it feels like to date a girl with an only fans page. Watch this short comedy skit by longbeach griffy to learn more.


Funny Funarious Comedy Skit | Fighting Dirty

by ComicStar

In this Funarious comedy video, You friend is around and you and your girlfriend gets into an abuse match that starts to expose all of your secrets that makes you guys go crazy.


Funniest Cornell Ross Comedy Skit | Petty Relationship

by ComicStar

Enjoy this very funny cornell ross comedy skit from nelly vidz. When you are your babe are petty in the relationship.


Funny Cornell ( NellyVidz) Comedy Video | When Your Girlfriend Is Cute But Dumb

by ComicStar

That girlfriend that you like, she is kind, homely, takes cares of you and also cute, her only problem is that she is dumb.


Funny Calebcity Comedy Skits | Anime Characters That Turns Everything Into A Motivational Speech

by superhuman

Enjoy this short calebcity comedy skit and funny videos of anime characters that turns everything into a Motivational speech.


Bigg Jah Funny Comedy Sketch | When Your Ex is Doing Bad

by superhuman

That moment when Bigg Jah see his ex girlfriend at the cinema and got jealous even though he has his new girlfriend by his side.


Watch Bigg Jah Funny Skit | When Your Girlfriend Finds Out About Key Key

by superhuman

Bigg Jah girlfriend was jealous because he was talking to someone whose name was key key on the phone, she threatened to walk away but then she saw who the real person was.


Watch Funny African American Videos | You Got Wa

by ComicStar

This dude in this funny video is asking this grand ma if she has WA, she demand to know the meaning but funny enough, she wrote down her number on his phone just incase of wa.